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Buzzline–on haitus

The Buzzline is currently not operational.

The service that was hosting it was discontinued, and we have not found a replacement. If you have any ideas about how to get the Buzzline buzzing again, please contact the Hive!

What is the Buzzline?

The Buzzline uses Celly to connect people in Brattleboro and the surrounding area for mutual support. Celly is a platform for ad-hoc social networks that is accessible via iPhone, Android, Web, and email. It is a quick and easy way to send a message to many people asking for the support you need and helping meet the needs of your “neighbors” in return. This resource is offered to you by the Hive Mutual Support Network, a local grassroots collective building social infrastructures and increasing capacity for community members to support each other to survive and/or thrive.

What kinds of support can I request?

Any type of community support request is welcome—emotional, social, material, financial or physical. In beta testing the Buzzline has been used to request non-judgmental listening, advice about particular situations, help cleaning, friends to get outside with, to invite people to an open and impromptu mutual support discussion, etc. Please do not use Celly for promotional purposes. The Buzzline is meant to be used solely for mutual support in our community.

How do I make a request?

First decide what you want—someone to take a walk with over the weekend, call you and listen in the next hour, give you advice in the moment, or help you move a couch tomorrow evening? Do you have a specific need regarding the knowledge, ability, gender, or politics of the person responding? Messages that include a clear “ask” are more likely to be responded to. Send your message to @buzzline from your Celly account. If someone is open to meeting your request you should get a private message from them. When someone you feel comfortable with has agreed to meet your request, send another message to @buzzline saying that your request has been granted.

How do I respond to a request?

Please respond via private message to the person making the request. You can then use private messages or exchange numbers to coordinate how to meet the request. Avoid giving advice if that’s not what the person has asked for!

What are the risks and benefits of using the Buzzline?

The Buzzline can be a powerful and accessible way to support and be supported by real-life people in your community. Because the Buzzline is open to anyone, there is no guarantee of confidentiality, quality of response that you will receive, or safety.  Each user is expected to be responsible for their own safety and only take risks (meeting up or sharing personal information, phone numbers, addresses, etc.) according to their own comfort level and judgment. There is also no guarantee that a request will be granted. The Buzzline is not meant to replace emergency services.

How do I start?

To sign up, go online at cel.ly/signup, or download the Celly app for Android/iPhone and join the @buzzline cell. Once you are enrolled, sending a message to @buzzline will send it to everyone else who’s signed up. More detailed technical instructions can be found online at cel.ly or by contacting the Hive.