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What is a cell?

For us a cell is a closed, autonomous, small group whose members support each other in whatever way you agree upon together.  By closed we mean it’s generally the same people each time (unless you decide to have a visitor– that’s cool).  By autonomous we mean that you’ll decide amongst yourselves how you want to operate and you’re accountable just to each other.

How many people are in a cell?

We’re aiming for 4-6.

What do you do with your cell buddies?

That’s for you to answer together!  What would be helpful??  Maybe you meet once a week to have an open-ended conversation about how things are going.  Or you develop a really specific structure to your meeting.  Or you don’t meet in person at all but you check in via email once a week.  Or you all want to work on physical wellness so you take walks together. Or you have potlucks every other week.  Or you start a journal and rotate it amongst yourselves.  Or something else you think of!

What if we have a conflict, lose people, or need some support?

The beauty of being one cell within a larger network (the hive) is that you have something to call on for support!  You can reach out to one or more other people in the Hive, including the worker bees, if your cell needs ideas, new people, or support in moving through a conflict.

Can I have a personal testimony of why a cell group might be helpful?

Sure.  “I am so super grateful to belong to a cell because I know if I need to talk about something I have folks to reach out to and I know it’s okay because we’ve agreed that we want to do that for each other.  Knowing I’m going to be able to check in with them regularly and they are going to be interested in what’s going on my life is so nice.  It feels like having a safety net and makes a big difference even when I choose not to reach out.” -Malaika

How do I get involved?

Email info@hivemutualsupport.org and let us know you are interested or speak directly to one of the worker bees who can get you put on the list.  You can also complete this survey.