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Our Origins and Purpose

The Hive grew out of a community dialogue in February 2014 as people got together to discuss ideas for how we could make peer-to-peer support accessible to people in the Brattleboro area.  These meetings continued in the following months as many creative and inspiring ideas were shared.   The group decided not to choose just one of these initiatives but to work on as many of them as possible.  All together these different projects would be under the “umbrella” of The Hive Mutual Support Network.  The Hive is not a non-profit organization, doesn’t have a budget, doesn’t have defined membership, and will always be free.

All of the various activities that make up the Hive share these purposes:

  • To create venues for people to access connection, support, and understanding
  • To strengthen our capacity and confidence as community members to care for one another
  • To offer an alternative or compliment to existing systems that are not able to fully meet the needs of the people they serve
  • To have conversations that don’t happen often enough

Organizationally, the Hive stays buzzing thanks to regular participants and a dedicated group called “the worker bees.”  Anyone willing to attend one meeting a month and contribute to some tasks in between meetings is welcome to be a worker bee.  Input around larger decisions is also solicited from the larger Hive community.

To involved, simply attend any of our activities!  You can also contact us with questions.

You can also read about us in Counterpoint!