Much Madness

A Survivor’s Guide to Extreme States and Self Advocacy for Young Adults

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A project of the Hive Mutual Support Network!

A collection of personal stories from eight individuals who experienced psychosis or other extreme states as adolescents or young adults. Our contributors shared what helped them navigate their extreme states, as well as what supports were unhelpful or harmful. Several of our contributors mentioned the need to find meaning behind our extreme states. The psychiatric system often tells us that our states are symptoms of illness. But many of us have needed answers beyond mere pathology. Our contributors found that meaning through various channels: poetry, film making, activism, academia, and friendship.

Much Madness also contains a list of resources that can be helpful to young people experiencing psychosis or extreme states.

This book was made possible by a grant from the Vermont Department of Mental Health from a portion of its Mental Health Block Grant set aside for an Early Episode Psychosis Initiative.

Includes Essays by:

  • Jess Stohlmann-Rainey
  • Malaika Puffer
  • Jolie Mahan
  • Jodi Girouard
  • Kaz DeWolfe
  • Calvin Moen
  • the Borderline Academic
  • and an anonymous author

Large print text.