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How To Be A Good Ally To Aliens: Hive 4th birthday beekeeping potluck

On February 24, we celebrated four years of the Hive with a talk from local beekeeper Eli Coughlin-Galbraith at the Root Social Justice Center. As members of a group that is named after a beehive, we thought it was about time we learned anything about how bees operate. Eli’s workshop mainly explored the relationship between beehive and beekeeper, which we initially thought might be an analogy for mutual support, but was mostly just cool information!

As it turns out, a beehive is less analogous to a community and more like its own single organism–an organism so unlike a human that it’s hard for us to conceive of. According to Eli, “a hive is a single being with several thousand moving bodies, a constant warmth and music, and a memory that sticks beyond individual bee lifespans.” 

Eli brought lots of show-and-tell, including some frames with honeycomb in them (and a few dead bees who Eli said had frozen over the winter) and some delicious honey samples from their hives.

As if that wasn’t sweet enough, we also spent some time decorating a birthday cake with bees drawn in icing and a candle in the shape of a number 4.

The Hive started out as a series of monthly potlucks, each organized around a different topic or activity. We won’t be doing them every month anymore, so stay in touch with us via email or Facebook to be notified about events and other ways to connect.