May Minutes

The worker bees had a pleasant and productive meeting this month. We’ll be setting up a “bad advice table” on Friday June 2nd in the evening and Saturday June 3rd during the day (Strolling of the Heifers). If you are interested in talking to folks on the streets about the Hive and giving (fake) bad advice, contact us! Read our minutes here.

June 3: “Going Sane” with Pamela Spiro Wagner

original painting by Pamela Spiro Wagner
“FORK YOU, PSYCHIATRY” by Pamela Spiro Wagner

What: Hive monthly potluck featuring Pamela Spiro Wagner with her multi-media presentation “Going Sane”
When: Saturday, June 3, 5-7 pm
Where: The Root Social Justice Center, 28 Williams St., Brattleboro

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Pamela Spiro Wagner, a Brattleboro resident, will be featured at the Hive potluck on June 3 to present her multi-media account of “Going Sane” — her account of how, nearly broken by the treatments and sadistic brutalities accorded her as an inpatient in hospital after hospital, and labelled as hardened and hopeless, she gave the mental health system the “fork you” finger and emerged on the other side, no longer “just another mental patient” but a whole human being.

Wagner was a prisoner of psychiatry for decades, having been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic as well as personality-disordered by those who believed her prognosis for recovery was extremely poor. Despite “treatment” with restraints and seclusion often for days at a time, and massive doses of medication that made her feel like a “moonrock,” she managed to co-author (with her twin sister, a psychiatrist)  DIVIDED MINDS: TWIN SISTERS AND THEIR JOURNEY THROUGH SCHIZOPHRENIA, a popular memoir that details what happened to her within  the mental illness system. Later, in her book of poetry, WE MAD CLIMB SHAKY LADDERS, she depicts  the varieties of mad struggles from within, in poems as accessible as they are moving. Read More