What’s the Buzz?

This message courtesy of a Buzzline fan.

~Dear Bees,

We can’t always be in the hive, but there are times anyway when we miss the company of our fellow bees dearly, and our honey pot is low.

Times like that are where the buzzline comes in.

Our New England way can sometimes be ‘everyone for themself’

..which is a big lie, because many hands make life a worth it place to be. The buzzline is here for all of us, if we need an extra scoop of honey to help the medicine go down.

A cup of tea, some company, some puns or dad jokes – any streak of sunshine when days are grey. You give a call on the buzzline, and our fellow hive folk will do the best they can to help out a bee in need. Material or financial too – we are a hive together, and all of our bees do the best they can with what they’ve got. I would argue that we’re a stone soup as well – on the days when you haven’t got much, and someone else has extra, we can help make it worthwhile.

*The buzzline is accessed in several ways – by smart phone app, by email, by website*

Set up your celly account today to join us in this, one of the troves of honey our Hive Mutual Support Network has to offer! ~

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