Duct Tape and Kazoos

Here’s a somewhat belated update from some busy bees. Hive members participated in the Wellness in Windham health fair in Brattleboro on September 19. A handful of us designed and staffed a table with brochures, flyers, and an email signup-sheet.

20150919_111652 20150919_111709

Also on the table were pre-printed “prescription pads,” with which attendees were invited to diagnose something other than an individual–for example, a system or part of our culture that is harmful or inequitable–and prescribe a solution or change.

20150919_111815 20150919_124828

Some wrote prescriptions for affordable childcare, others for respect and autonomy for psychiatric and medical patients, and others for alternative economies like the Time Trade. One attendee wrote a prescription calling for more tie-dye. Because, you know, Vermont.

20150919_111640  20150919_135731

We each brought a yellow T-shirt and helped each other apply strips of black duct tape to make stripes. Kazoos completed our bee personae, and we took turns buzzing around to the other tables, handing out flyers and meeting the other participants. We were also joined by an avocado, because why not.


Look for the alternative prescription board and buzzing bees to swarm at another event near you in the future.